Supply chain


A huge variety of snacks products that consumers find in the food shops world-wide are based on pellet, a semi-finished product intended to be popped, flavoured, packaged by snack manufacturers.
Behind, there is a supply chain

  • environmental friendly,
  • which exalts biodiversity
  • while keeping superior food safety standards.

Compared to natural potato crisps, the most known and largely distributed snack world-wide the ‘snack pellet’ offers all snack producers outstanding advantages in terms of

  • minimal environmental impact,
  • large possibility to play with different ingredients (from potatoes to all cereals, in the last years also pellets based on quinoa, chia, kale, pulses, buckwheat, spelt and a multitude of other ingredients) and exclusive shapes,
  • no issues with availability of the product around the year,
  • consistent quality standards, thanks to suppliers like Mafin that are specialized in pellets and that continuously invest enormous resources in  continuous quality improvement
  • high flexibility of their production system; just imagine that with a single expansion equipment a snack manufacturer can offer the market a basically unlimited variety of different products
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