Social responsibility

Our focuses: people and environment.



We consider the stability of relationships as key factor for building up the mutual trust among stakeholders and for building up the business know how.
We pursue long-lasting relationships, both internally and externally in the supply chain.

Internal relationships

Company’s personnel: offering them our best commitment for a job environment where human being safety, skills and personnel stability remain the key factors of the business system, through:

  • keeping at a minimum the personnel turn over;
  • a stimulating, open and multicultural  job environment enough complex and well-organized to offer wide possibilities of professional growth and satisfaction;
  • keeping at a high level the budget allocation for personnel training to internally generate suitable skills for the new job organization  and business challenges;
  • investing very important resources in process automation, with the result to minimize bodily fatigue and maximize job safety (in the past 6 years reduced by more than 90% the weights manual handling in our production process);
  • offering a stable job allowing a fairly long term planning for private life.

External relationships

Customers and suppliers of materials and services: offering them our best commitment for a long term relationship, through:

  • 100% focus on pellet development and manufacturing;
  • reliability;
  • loyalty;
  • unique and exclusive products;
  • consistent commitment in product safety and quality;
  • consistent commitment in improving our efficiency.


A consistent commitment to offer our inheritors the possibility to enjoy nature and environment as widely as and possibly better than we have enjoyed.

Electric Energy:

  • more than 50% of the total energy consumption by our operation is reintroduced in the national system as renewable energy, by the two solar parks recently fully owned by our company;
  • energy consumption per production unit has been reduced by 15% in the last 9 years.

Natural gas:

  • gas consumption per production unit has been reduced by 13% in the last 9 years.

Packaging material:

  • waste of paper per production unit has been reduced by 22% in the last 5 years;
  • waste of polyethylene packaging material per production unit has been reduced by as much as 17% in the last 3 years;
  • quantity of waste material disposal has been reduced by as much as 71% in the last 8 years.


  • our processes use water chilled and heated in strictly dedicated closed circuits.


  • in 2009 local authorities have granted us a 15 year permission to release exhaust processing air in the atmosphere, which have been recognized as having a “not significant impact in the environment”.
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