Your snack shows always the same characteristics

(texture , bag filling,…)

Declarations  on the bag  are always respected

Smooth & efficient expansion  process

(NO need to keep tuning frying conditions,

NO production waste)

Efficient Warehouse

(Ideal stock rotation, No product on-hold)

Worry-Free  about your snack’s Food Safety

Superior hygenic standards

NO market recall due to the pellet

Dealing with the state of the art snack pellet industry


Consistent  PELLETs performance 

(bulk density, oil intake)

The strictest tolerance  for  defects in the field of PELLETs

 (misshaped, breakage, clumps)

NO worker  touching the product flow

Absence of undeclared  allergens

Quality & Food safety always at the very forefront

(IFS certification – higher level)

High stability of production process

Long term relationships with strategic suppliers

Full responsibility for technology

(internally developed & designed)

Total focus on the semifinished product

Full control of the Supply chain & verification base on risk analysis

Fully automated production system

 (from MP to PF)

Non-Stop training & education of the personnel


Focus on Quality is a distinctive characteristic of Mafin, in all steps of our production

Raw Materials (QC 1st step)
Everyone involved in a business with potatoes knows the variability of the quality parameters of potatoes all along the year. Only few potatoes dehydrators can really grant a consistent quality of potato powders: we have been co-operating with them since our start up, on a base of supply contracts where our quality requirements are clearly stated and binding for the supplier.
Manufacturing (QC 2nd step)
Constant quality during manufacturing process is granted by means of defined procedures:

  • each batch of ingredient is assigned, based on its characteristics, by our QC team, through a software and bar code reading system that allow that only approved batches are introduced in our process;
  • fully automated handling, weighting and transport of ingredients, granting absence of contact with production employee, higher hygienic standard and complete traceability;


Before shipment Control (QC 3rd step)

Every single pallet of goods represents a unit batch in terms of Q.A. system and it is identified by a production batch number: traceability can be further segmented into each box of the pallet.


Samples are expanded in our lab: fried, air popped, puffed. A number of quality checks – physical, chemicals and organoleptic – is performed to verify the compliance with specifications, prior to be positively released for shipment. All quality data and specifications are registered in a dedicated Total Quality Management software.


Loading (QC 4th step)
Goods are now ready for shipment and will be forwarded according to what is agreed with our customer. According to our GMP, all trucks or containers coming to Mafin for loading are duly inspected inside to check for potential traces of dirt or any kind of contaminants, and refused in case of non conformity.
A further check is performed to verify packaging integrity.
At this point, you just need to relax and wait, since goods on the way to you are in perfect state, granting the best performance of your snack.


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